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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Let us be your partner

As our partners, NCB provides you with best financial and residential solutions, building a strategic relationship with you in the field of residential development and mediation, helping customers establish their life-long homes. We achieve our common objectives with customers when we meet their expectations.​

Why NCB ?


  • We have a branch network spread across the Kingdom
  • All our program products are Shariah-compliant;
  • We have two branches specialized in residential finance (RF) in Jeddah and Riyadh;
  • Our products achieved a large share in the residential finance market;
  • AlAhli program applies sophisticated IT offering instant preliminary approval.

Exclusive Features of NCB RF program

  • More credibility for your project; our RF specialist will evaluate the value and price of the property, which will enhance your confidence in purchasing it.
  • Speedy finance procedures.
  • More exposure to properties through our customers.
  • Listing all properties on the website
  • Improvement of sales through our sale channels and our branches across the Kingdom.
  • Strong participations in residential exhibitions that NCB takes part in.
  • Benefiting from promotional offers and special occasions organized by NCB on the merge of its RF programs.
  • Remunerative commissions for real estate offices for all sales accredited and approved by NCB.

We invest in your projects by participating in the most important campaigns and exhibitions

As a partner, we enable you to market your residential projects and obtain the best investment opportunities, so NCB participates in the largest real estate investment and development exhibitions in Kingdom, such as Restatex, improving your opportunities in the market. 

We launch several investment campaigns throughout the year, including our offers and advantages, such as our partnership with the Real Estate Development Fund through our internal and external channels. Such activities constitute a good opportunity to present our company and partnership to be able to deliver our message.

We seek achievement of all possibilities through our finance of villas, apartments, lands, residential buildings and family buildings.**

* Family buildings consist of 3 stories and an annex. Each story consists of one unit and is used for family residential purposes only.

** Residential buildings are units consisting of 5 stories and an annex, used for residential purposes.

Programs and Features of NCB RF

Cash finance against property Guarantee: cash finance guaranteed by a property owned by the customer as per a contract. The bank purchases the property from customer and leases it back to him/her for monthly installments as per finance contract period.

2 in1 feature: gives both personal finance and residential finance amount, helping you obtain a larger cash and residential finance amount in one package.

Dilalah expenses: two cheques are issued upon transfer, for the property purchase amount and brokerage value, respectively.

Additional Finance: Murabaha-based additional residential finance in cooperation with the Real Estate Development Fund.

Solidarity Program: A finance program offering customers an opportunity to raise available finance amount by adding a first-degree relatives for finance and benefiting from their income , e.g. husband, wife, father, son, brother, sister, etc.

Product requirements are based on eligibility of both partners in obtaining the finance. Maximum finance period is determined according to the age of the customer closer to retirement. 

Simple steps to register in the program​


  1. The real estate mediator must be (represented as a legal person) part of a reputable commercial institution;
  2. The real estate mediator must have cooperated previously with NCB in a large business with high monthly coordination, achieving high sales;
  3. At least two-year experience in the field.


  1. A copy of the commercial registry - with the seal of the company or institution;
  2. A copy of the identification card of the owner – owners of the building;
  3. A copy of the income and Zakat certificate.

Submitting documents

Send the documents to the following address

National Commercial Bank – 

Al Mahmal Building, floor 18

P.O Box 3555

Saudi Arabia

Jeddah 21435 ​