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A Guideline for After Sales Services for NCB's Residential Finance

Dear Customer,​

Seeking to provide all necessary means to NCB's esteemed customers through distinctive programs and integrated banking services, we take pleasure in providing you with these guidelines, which explain after sales services related to residential finance.

We ensure our support throughout the contracting period; and we will commit to providing you with the highest standards of quality.


  1. Property documents
  2. Contract termination options
  3. Property insurance
  4. Death or total disability insurance
  5. Residential Finance statement request
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Telephone numbers and addresses

Property Documents:

Documents attached to the welcoming bundle:

  • The contract
  • A copy of the bond
  • Commercial registry of the Real Estate Development Company for Management & Ownership
  • The insurance policy

Documents available upon the customer's request:

You can apply to obtain the following documents:

  • Delegation of subleasing
  • Delegation of repair
  • Delegation of construction
  • Delegation of electricity works

You can apply for a residential document in case of loss or expiry by providing required documents.

Documents required upon application:

  • A copy of the ID document
  • Power of attorney if the application is made by another person

Method of application and document submission:

You can submit the application and go to one of the branches or contract the banking phone.

Contract termination options:

The customer, by presenting an application to the nearest branch, is entitled to own the property through early payment of residential finance or transfer the ownership to a third party as per the contract.

Required documents:

  1. Early ownership of the property
  2. Customer's identity attested by the branch
  3. Early payment application form issued from the branch after calculation of the payment amount

Ownership transfer to a third party:

  1. Customer's identification document attested by the branch
  2. Buyer's identity
  3. A copy of the attested check
  4. Signing the application form issued by the branch after completion of documents


Upon provision of the payment amount, the residential finance account will be closed and ownership transfer procedures will be completed within a maximum of 30 days.

Property insurance:

Risks covered by the policy:

Fires, thunder, home explosions, torrent-caused damage, hurricanes, storms, devastating hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, water jet leakage, cylinder explosions, tank water overflow, collision-caused damage, aircraft decay, earthquakes, riots, strikes, civil disobedience, or harm caused by malicious acts.


Includes the building only

Policy No.: 660000

Risks not covered by the Company:

  1. All risks not mentioned above
  2. Faults in building structure or construction flaws
  3. House contents

Claim procedures:

  1. Send the claim and notify the insurance company (Tawuniya) directly
  2. Preliminary claim documents to be collected:
      • Claim form containing full information and signed by the customer along with a signed copy of the ID + finance agreement
      • Preliminary photos of the damaged property
      • Police report or civil defense testimony, as appropriate
      • Provide 3 estimated offers for repair by accredited contractors
      • Any other documents that may be required by an accredited evaluator


Failure to report within 15 days from the day of the damage, the claim would be deemed rejected

Death and total disability insurance:

As per the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, NCB will provide an insurance service to the customer, transferring the property  in the name of heirs in case of death, God forbids!, and in the name of the customer directly in case of total disability without costs in both cases.

Documents required in case of death:

  1. Death certificate
  2. Deed listing the heirs
  3. A medical report rather than a death report
  4. If married, a copy of the family register after death 
  5. A printed copy of civil status 
  6. A report from the traffic authorities in case of a traffic accident
  7. Power of attorney + contact numbers of the legal representative + heirs’ contact numbers


In case of criminal or accidental death, an official report will be required from the body dealing with the case, including cases of drowning, murder, falling from high places etc.

Documents required in case of total disability:

  1. Medical reports from  the date of disease occurrence + a recent medical report
  2. An end-of-service letter issued by the competent authority
  3. A letter of the medical committee’s decision
  4. A copy of the customer’s identity card

Rejected cases:

  • Suicide
  • Penalty under the law
  • AIDS virus (“HIV” God forbid!) 

Method of reporting in case of death and total disability (God Forbid):

Heirs and legal representative can make the application by visiting the nearest branch


Reporting must be done within 30 days from the day of death or proof of total disability (God forbid).

Residential Finance statement request

You can request residential finance statement by visiting any NCB branch, AlAhliMobile, AlAhliOnline .

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the property has been expropriated by the state ?

In such case, the customer shall submit all credentials; and after issuance of the body expropriating the property, the contract will be terminated and the finance account will be closed.

Can you reschedule the debt of the property finance ?

No, rescheduling cannot be conducted as per the contracts.

Can the property be repaired ?

Yes, the property and building can, by submitting an application for delegation by the bank, be repaired in accordance with the engineering conditions and upon the bank’s approval.

What are the procedures followed in case of repeated or wrongful deduction of the monthly installment ?

File a complaint through any of NCB’s channels (PhoneBanking, AlAhliOnline, the branch.)

Can I own a property or sell it to a third party in solidarity finance ?

Yes, but this can be through early payment of residential finance or transfer of ownership to a third party only, as per the conditions of the contract through easy steps made available to the customer upon approval of both guarantors or through disclaimer by any of the guarantors to the other.

What will happen in case of total collapse of the property, God Forbids ?

The property must be evacuated, and civil defense and the bank must be notified

What will happen in case of partial collapse or damage caused by the tenant ?

The tenant will incur all repair expenses for the damage and fault.

What will happen in case of damage due to poor construction or constructional flaws caused by the person responsible for the repair work ?

The customer must be responsible, for he/she recommended such property

What is the inspection acknowledgment document ?

Acknowledgement by the customer that he checked the property for absence of impediments and its constructional and engineering safety.

Who is the person responsible for solving the property problems in general (problems with neighbors – residents – other problems ?)

The customer shall solve all individual problems in his capacity as a tenant under the lease contract.

Telephone numbers and addresses​

NCB’s PhoneBanking 


Aramex Company

UPN: 920027447

AlAhli Takaful Company

Jeddah, Prince Sultan Street,

Khalidiya, Khalidiya business center

Jeddah 21582, Saudi Arabia​

Phone: +966 12 690 1199

Fax:  +966 12 690 1377

Tawuniya Company



In case of complaints, contact the phone bank or send a message to this email

Note: The customer must not disclose any personal or financial information to any party other than the bank.​